Dialers & Call Restrictors

Auxiliary equipment to augment your phone and communication needs will allow your team to maximize security and productivity by adding a call restrictor, hot dialer or automatic dialer to your telephone. Used when a phone system is not available for controlling the calls which can be made from a phone line or for direct connect or hotline dialing, or to dial a phone number for specific applications you can customize these products to meet your needs.

  • Multi-Function Auto Dialer

    The AD350-SE is a line powered, multi function dialer which can be used as an auto-dialer, speed dialer and call restrictor. The AD350-SE is a perfect dialer solution for many applications with just about any courtesy phone. The AD350-SE is easily programmed while connected to an analog telephone line, using any touch tone phone. The hot dialer function automatically dials any preprogrammed number when the phone connected to it is taken off hook. The speed dialer function allows up to 200 destination numbers to be quickly outpulsed when the user dials a pre-determined 2 or 3-digit access entry (for example *1).

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