Armored & Inmate Phones focuses on providing the most durable and secure 14-gauge stainless steel armored, vandal resistant inmate telephone communication while reducing replacement and repair costs, minimizing services calls and lowering your facilities’ total cost.  We offer the lowest cost, lowest maintenance inmate armored telephones on the market today.  Inmate, jail, visitation, prison, high security phones, handsfree speaker phones, visitation phones, dial-down, hot-line and no dial phones are available for your needs.

Individual situations call for individual solutions so give us a call at 1-800-884-4835 to confirm which phone is best for your application.

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JP3500 Armored Inmate Phone [JP-3500]
  • $285.00
ST-3500 Armored Swivle Phone [ST-3500]
  • $305.00
VP-3500 w 24 HS" Cord Visitation No-Dial Phone [VP-3500]
  • $170.00
SP-3500 Vandal Resistant Speakerphone [SP-3500]
  • $285.00
CT-3500 Anti-Suicide Cord-out-of-top Jail Phone [CT-3500]
  • $295.00
HP-3500 Armored Hotline Phone [HP-3500]
  • $285.00
2100CB Bell Style Coinless Phone Only 1 left in stock
  • $279.00
2150SBC1 Smart Bell Coinless Only 1 left in stock
  • $329.00
VEP-911 Emergency 911 Telephone, Weather Resistant
  • $209.00
EP-3500 Armored Emergency Phone [EP-3500] Weather Resistant
  • $313.00
VP-200B-KIT Visitation Kit
  • $544.00
WMP-JP Wallmount Conduit Plate
  • $49.95
CMLP-JP-VP Counter Mount L Plate
  • $78.00
SSP-511-D CEECO SSP-511 Stainless Steel Handsfree Panel Telephone
  • $455.00
SSP-311-X CEECO SSP-311 Stainless Steel Panel Telephone
  • $388.00
SSP-550-D CEECO SSP-550 Hands Free Telephone
  • $325.00