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G-TEL offers a wide variety of high-quality, vandal resistant handsets. All handsets are constructed of highly durable ABS plastic combined with a high strength stainless cord with internal steel lanyard.  Most handsets found in this section are designed based on the traditional G-Style shape, and we also offer K-style handsets.  The standard color of our handsets is Black with a blue grommet and some models are available in Red. Our G Style handsets are available with multiple microphone options which include Carbon-compatible electret (Standard), traditional Carbon (T1/T2 Bell-spec), 150 ohm Dynamic (DYN-V1), 600 ohm Dynamic (DYN-V2), Electret and Noise-Cancelling. Standard cord sizes are 14”, 18”, 24”, 32” and 52”.  Any cord length can be produced on custom orders which meet our MOQ.   We also offer extended wires per our customer’s requirements without any minimum order (please inquire for pricing). The standard wire terminal is a 4-pin modular connector.  Individual Y-spade connectors are available and we also offer 3.5mm TRS audio jacks. Many other terminals and connectors can be added upon request as a custom order.  All G-style handsets come equipped with a magnet in the receiver area which allows the handset to work with virtually any hookswitch, including moving lever type (microswitch or magnetic), or lever-less magnetic/reed switch types.  If needed, magnets can be removed from the handsets by request prior to shipping.

 G-TEL also offers a wide range of parts and accessories that can be added or shipped with almost any handset.  These include rotating swivels, metal cord grommets, metal lanyard retainers, cradles, hookswitches and many other parts.

 Our G-Style handsets can be produced in virtually any color, made to any cord length, wire length, equipped with just about any microphone and receiver element, and made with virtually any type of terminals or connectors.  Minimum Order Requirements may apply for custom orders.  Please contact us with questions or to request a quote for any handset combination which you do not see listed below.

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