Hospitals, Schools, & Airport Phones

In the Hospitals,Schools, & Airport Phones Category you will find a variety of public courtesy phones that can be used in lobbies, airports, elevators, recretational facilities, They are available as direct dial, no-dial, hotline, dial-down, auto-dial and all are telephone line powered for easy communications. They can be installed onsite or offsite, either interior or exterior depending on the model. Seamlessly integrate our products with your existing infrastructure by choosing the correct type of phone and transmitter.

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ST-3500 Armored Swivle Phone [ST-3500]
  • $305.00
CT-3500 Anti-Suicide Cord-out-of-top Jail Phone [CT-3500]
  • $295.00
JP3500 Armored Inmate Phone [JP-3500]
  • $285.00
VP-3500 w 24 HS" Cord Visitation No-Dial Phone [VP-3500]
  • $170.00
SP-3500 Vandal Resistant Speakerphone [SP-3500]
  • $285.00
HP-3500 Armored Hotline Phone [HP-3500]
  • $285.00
EP-3500 Armored Emergency Phone [EP-3500] Weather Resistant
  • $313.00
EMGNCY 2554-911 911 EMERGENCY Auto-Dial Red Wall Phone
  • $169.95
VEP-911 Emergency 911 Telephone, Weather Resistant
  • $209.00
VP-200B-KIT Visitation Kit
  • $544.00
VK-E-30-PT Viking Stainless Steel Handsfree Phone
  • $311.00
  • $0.00