Anti-Suicide Cord-out-of-top Jail Phone [CT-3500]

Anti-Suicide Cord-out-of-top Jail Phone [CT-3500]

Unlike traditional armored phones, the CT-3500’s handset cord comes out of the top of the housing which allows it to utilize the shortest cord possible. This makes is the top choice for anti-suicide environments. Stainless grommet provides added security for handset cord Armored cord is made to Bell Core standards and withstands minimum 1000 lb pulling test

Warranty/New 1 Year/Refurbished 6 Months
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  • Jail/Prison/Visiitation Phone. Large customizable instruction card area
  • Standard 14” cord length
  • Phone. Constructed of rugged, durable 14 gauge stainless steel
  • Large, stainless steel ADA keypad
  • Adjustable volume button
  • Tamper resistant locking system
  • Built in mounting plate designed for fast, easy installation
  • Mounting plate includes gasket which prevents moisture from entering phone
  • Oversized line-wire entrance hole w/ moisture preventing gasket

Technical parameters:
Ambient temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
Relative humidity: ≤95% (at room temperature)
Atmospheric pressure: 80 ~ 110KPa
Signal voltage: DC48V
Standby operating current: ≤1mA.
Frequency response: 300 ~ 3400 Hz
Ringing level: ≥80dB
Corrosion grade: WF2
Protection class:IP54

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    • Weight
      9 lbs
  • Manufacturer
    G-TEL Enterprises, Inc.
  • Dimensions
    11 ¼” tall x 5 ¼” wide x 3” deep
  • Lead Time
    Usually ships in 1 to 3 business days
  • Warranty
    New 1 Year - Refurbished 6 Months
  • Add Noise-Canceling Xmit?
    No, Yes
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