Swimming Pool & 911 Phones

We offer you emergency telecommunications suitable for swimming pools.Laws in most states mandate an indoor or outdoor phone that meets their requirements and ADA mandates for public and private pools. We recommend that you consult local legal authorities so you will be sure you choose the proper phones for your location

Click here for a full list of state pool laws and pool ordinances requiring 911 swimming pool emergency phones.

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  • The 911-Only Emergency Cellular Phone is an economical and vandal-resistant approach to an out door emergency phone installation.

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  • The 911 Emergency Sign is often required for placement near any emergency telephone.

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  • 911 water-resistant Emergency Pool phone for swimming pools, HOA, POA, Apartments, garages and other facilities where a direct dial 911 phone is required for compliance. The phone will automatically dial 911 when the receiver is lifted. Made of durable stainless steel with an impact resistant 24” red handset to draw attention to the emergency phone. The phone body is water-resistant to IP54. For optimal longevity it is best to give the phone protection from the direct elements. Mounts directly to the wall. See additional photos for Emergency Handset Decal Options.

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  • The 911-Only Emergency Cellular Phone AC is a vandal-resistant and maintenance free approach for a pool phone that requires no phone service fee because it makes free 911 calls. Requires AC power.

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  • The EP-3500 Armored Emergency Hotline Phone is designed for locations where an emergency hotline / speed dial access is needed and protection and durability are important. Made of durable 14-gauge stainless steel with tamper resistant locking system.This phone is perfect for use as an emergency phone or as an incoming-calls-only phone for industrial applications.Heavy-duty armored handset is hearing aid compatible (HAC) and has an anti-static receiver, additional lengths and options available. Noise-Canceling Microphone option is recommended for loud environments.

    The EP-3500 is a  customer programmable automatic dialer push button phone.  The push button is programmable to dial 1-11 digits allowing you to program the phone to automatically dial any emergency number you choose.
    See additional photos for Emergency Handset Decal Options.

    Ships with a 32”  Red Dynamic V1 handset, please contact us if a different length or type is needed.
    Optional indoor and outdoor mounting options available on our Enclosures section.

    Master Case Qty: 6 pcs

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  • This phone dials 911 automatically when its handset is picked up. Use this phone for hotline 911 EMERGENCY applications such as pools, city and public venues, after-hours safety, transportation terminals, malls, stores, amusement parks, parking garages, hospital or hotel lobbies. This product is ADA Compliant.

    *Requires a Wall Phone Mounting Jack for Installation

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